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Please review the following questions and answers before you arrive for your wedding.

  • What time should we arrive? One hour is allowed for a single ceremony. Two hours are allowed for a ceremony with reception. If your reserved time is 2:00 – 3:00, you should arrive at 2:00 and be out before 3:00 for the next ceremony. If you arrive dressed, we will begin on the hour. If you need to change, we will begin when you are dressed. Brides generally arrive with their hair, makeup, and nails done; slipping into their wedding attire should not take more than 15 minutes.

  • Where do we park? Parking is available next to the chapel.  Turn off Main Street (GA75) onto Munich at Wendy's.  Turn into the driveway under the arbor next to the chapel.  Space is limited to only one wedding party at a time.  Vehicles left after the leave time will be towed.

  • Do we have a rehearsal? No, but directions and adequate prompts are given prior to the ceremony.

  • Can we bring cameras? No cameras (still, digital, camera phones or video) are allowed to be used at any time inside any building of the Alpine Wedding Chapel. Outdoor photography may be done after your wedding during your reserved wedding time.

  • Do attendants, children, and babies count as guests? Other than the bride and the groom, all men, women, infants, and other children count as guests.

  • If I arrange a carriage, what time shall I tell the carriage to pick us up after the ceremony? 15 minutes before the end of your scheduled time to ensure that we are able to take pictures of your leaving on a carriage.

  • Where do attendants dress before the ceremony? Attendants and all other guests should arrive dressed for the ceremony. Small dressing rooms are provided for only the bride and groom.

  • Who can give the bride away? The bride’s father or other adult representative of the bride’s father. "No one can escort the bride in The Little Chapel". It is inappropriate for children to give their mother away; however, occasionally, an older child escorts his mother down the aisle.

  • Can we have a champagne toast? No, we do not have a liquor license and there is a brown bag ordinance in Helen that prevents any spirits from being served or consumed on our premises.

  • Can we have attendants? Witnesses are no longer required in Georgia. But, if you wish, the following attendants are allowed:

     Package#      # Attendants Allowed       #Guests Allowed
                     0                                    0                                    0
                     1                                    0                                    1-6
                     2                                    0-5                                7-12
                     3                                    0-5                                0-25
                     4                                    0-7                                0-40
                     5                                    0-5                                0-25
                     6                                    0-7                                0-40

    If you chose to have more attendants than the number of attendants allowed, $50 per attendant will be charged for each attendant over the number of attendants allowed. Attendants DO NOT count as guests.

  • Do you have a place for the guest book?? A bride may bring a guest book if she wishes. The desk in the foyer of the office building may be used if the ceremony is in the Little Chapel or Garden Room. A brass guest registry stand is provided in the Chapel..

  • Do you box up leftover food from the reception?? Food is always plentiful. Only leftover cake, if any, is boxed up for the bride & groom. As with any other buffet, all other food remains the property of the person who prepared it and is not boxed up as a "doggie bag"..

  • Do we need to provide ushers and servers?? No, no ushers or servers are required..

  • Can we bring our own minister?? No, we do not allow visiting ministers to be in charge of the ceremony. However, if he or she wishes to offer a prayer, this would be welcomed..

  • Can we keep the flowers (bouquets & boutonnieres) that you provide?? No, we have flowers for bride & groom to use here only..

  • Can my flower girl use real flower petals?? No, they may stain the carpet; silk petals are required..

  • Can the florist deliver my fresh flowers?? No, we are only open by appointment and may not be open to receive them. Further, we have no space to store such items..

  • Can I provide my own decorations?? No, time is not allowed for exchanging decorations..

  • If I bring non-food items (cake topper, toasting glasses, napkins, etc.) for the reception, when do I bring them?? We provide these items, but if you want to use your own, bring them at the time of the wedding and  have them opened and ready for immediate use.

  • Can I choose my own music?  No, we now use an MP3 sound system and cannot customize selections...

  • How long can we wait on guests or wedding party members who are late?? Not more than 15 minutes..

  • What special provisions are made for small children?? The Chapel is not designed for children. If, however, a child attends, he or she should be very carefully supervised & disciplined by a responsible adult assigned to him/her to ensure the reverence & dignity of the occasion.. ALL persons are expected to behave respectfully and maturely while attending weddings & receptions at the chapel..

  • What is the ceremony like?? We perform only non-denominational, Christian ceremonies. This covenant ceremony ensures the dignity and spirituality of the event. See a copy of this ceremony on our website. Please do not ask us to omit references to God, Jesus, death, eternity, forever, etc..

  • Can I wear a train dress?? The Garden Room and Chapel are excellent for train dresses, but the Little Chapel is a little small for them. A train somewhat overwhelms the Little Chapel..
  • Alpine Wedding Chapel - P.O. Box 1343 Helen, GA 30545Alpine Wedding Chapel - P.O. Box 1343 Helen, GA 30545
    706-TrueLove (878-5683) Toll Free: 1-800-873-9351
    Email: alpineweddingchapel@windstream.net

    Open By Appointment Only.